Who Am I?

I am 27 years old and I am a substitute teacher for the local districts in my area.  I was a Pre-Kindergarten teacher for two years and I loved every minute of it!!  However, the office staff became extremely rude and disrespectful.  They only care about themselves and I can not work in a environment like that.  The enrollment also dropped for the private program, so I would have lost my classroom anyways.  So I had to make a change for the better to continue on my desired career path.  I have been subbing now for 2 years and I love it very much.  I dream of having my own classroom one day and hopefully that happens sooner than later.  My students are my world and I adore them for making my life interesting and allowing me to do what I love daily!! 
In 2012, a friend of mine showed me the cover for The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorensen and said she thought I would like it.  Well at that point, I couldn't focus long enough to finish reading a page, never mind an entire book, but since it was free on Amazon, I thought I would look into it.  Since I had the Kindle app on my phone, I started reading it the first night and I couldn't put it down long enough to sleep.  Well the book was draining my phone, so I went out and bought my Kindle and I finished the entire series in less than a month.  A huge accomplishment for a once non-reader like me.  Then I joined one of Jessica's all day giveaways and I met a group of amazing bloggers, authors, and book girlies who helped me to become the book nerd that I am today!!! 
   So I have to thank  Jessica Sorensen for opening up a new world for me with her amazing series and allowing me to meet a group of great girls!! I have created this blog so that I can post reviews, blog tours and info from my favorite authors, as well as favorite quotes, pictures, or whatever I feel like posting at the time!! :) 

 In November 2012, I adopted a beautiful little kitten and I named her Ember, inspiration from Jessica's book.  She is the best little munchkin any girl could ask for!! 

UPDATE as of 1/2/15: I am trying to get back into the book world from my year hiatus.  A whole lot has happened since I was last here.  A few updates....I am still subbing in my local school district and I still love it.  I have been with an amazing man for over a year now and I'm very happy.  We recently received news that we are expecting a beautiful little princess in April and we couldn't be happier with our little blessing.  I've been preparing for her arrival and getting very excited to start this new adventure!! 

UPDATE as of 7/11/15: Well my 1st comeback didn't work so well...sad face :(  Being pregnant, which was wonderful, still took a toll on me and I didn't get much down time.  But I am pleased to announce that on April 7, 2015 at 6:54 AM after 2 hours of labor, we welcomed a beautiful little girl.  She was 6 lbs, 6 oz, and 18.5 inches long.  She is my world.  I can't imagine how I survived 27 years without her. Now fast forward 3 months later and I have a happy, beautiful little lady and her name is Riley.  Since I'm starting to get mommyhood under control, I figured what better way to spend my "free time" but to get back to my blog and reading.  Thank you for your continued support and my goal is to help out as many authors as I can and really make a name for myself in the book reviewing/blogging world!!

I really hope you enjoy my blog and come back to see what I have to come!! :)


  1. Nice to meet you! and I have those books on my tbr list and on my kindle but I havent gotten to them yet. LOVE the covers!!! I am thinking of starting a blog as well but I have been an avid reader since I was 4... welcome to the reading community!! We like new recruits! hehe... hope you enjoy getting out of reality for a little bit while reading and I just adore that you are a pk teacher. that is awesome! I have a little boy heading to kindergarten this year so it is people like you that I say thank you to for giving my child the confidence, besides what I can do at home, to proceed throughout life the way they should. teachers are AMAZING!!! xoxo

    1. It's very nice to meet you too!!! You will totally have to read those books soon....Jessica is really such an amazing author and I just adore her!!! I love working on this blog....I don't always keep up as much as I'd like, but it is my new favorite hobby....Thank you, I'm so glad that I didn't let anymore time pass by and I'm proud to say I am now an official book nerd!! :) Yes, I was a Pre-K teacher, I actually just left a week ago....I adored my students and it was the most rewarding job, but I was seeing just how corrupt the office staff was becoming and I had to get out....Awwww, well I'm am now an Elementary substitute teacher in 6 districts so I'm really excited for this new chapter to start in my life!!! :) I'm so glad to have you here and I hope you continue to check out and enjoy my blog!!! :)


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