Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cover Reveal: Obtained by Shanora Williams

Hey everyone....I just wanted to share the brand new cover and some teasers from Obtained by Shanora Williams.....I can't wait to read this book!!  Hope you like it :)

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance
Release Date: February, 2013

 *~ TEASER # 1 ~*
""I can’t lose you because losing you is like losing myself. I won’t know how to live on . . . I won’t know what to do. Everything for me will be blank. My soul will no longer be intact and we all know that a person without a soul is no one at all.""
 - OBTAINED. February, 2013.

*~ TEASER #2 ~*
 "“Are you upset with me?” Jules asks, smirking.
That completely sets me on edge. Upset with you? I am furious with you! “You were flirting with her in my face, Jules. What the hell is your problem?” I ask, fuming.
He chuckles lightly. “You are jealous,” he points out.
Jealous? Damn it. He’s right. I am jealous and at the thought of it, my cheeks burn even more. He’s embarrassed me, like always.
“You should just leave,” I mutter then fold my arms.
“I really don’t believe my leaving will help you solve anything, Alexandria. Don’t push your problems away. Say what is on your mind.”
Say what is on my mind? He really wants me to go there? Honestly, I don’t think he will ever speak to me again if I really say what is on my mind. “Jules, please just—”
“Do you see how it feels?” he asks, cutting my sentence off with furrowed brows. I mimic his expression by frowning but my glare is a bit confused. “Do you see how it feels when someone you like shows attention to someone else? Do you realize how annoying it is? You saw Felix sometime between last night and this morning and you weren’t even going to tell me.”"
- OBTAINED. February, 2013

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