Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Book Spotlight....Scarlet by Marnelli Abian

Please go and check out this debut novel by Marnelli Abian

January 17, 2013
created by Danny Rei of Art is Life Cover and Design

Scarlet Blurb:
A dream is not just a dream. A nightmare is not just a nightmare. For Scarlet, it’s a ghost that haunts her and sends shiver through her spine every night. The same place, same night, and same person keeps occurring in her dream. Nights of wandering into a foreign place where unthinkable creatures lurk brought Scarlet into a dangerous situation. What’s more, her dreams are partly existing in real life, especially that boy in her dreams.

A vanishing girl, a mysterious red cloud, a weird tea table, a Dark Knight, a Soul Queen, and a psychotic Vampire Queen who wishes to kill her. Who says you’re safe even if you’re asleep?
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