Sunday, September 1, 2013

Revamping.....Time For Some Change!!!

It's SEPTEMBER.....Ahhhhhh, where has the time gone!!! 

Well I have come to the conclusion that I'm not so great at this blogging stuff because in 1 month, I will have been blogging for a year and I still only have 16 followers, Booooo!!!!

I have been participating in tours and author postings, but I am not where I'd like to be!!!  So I have decided that it's time for a change with my postings!!!

I will still be posting as a tour host from the different outlets that I currently work with, but I am also going to be doing my own posts and trying to build up my followers.

So starting today, I will have at least 1 post a day with promotions on Book Nerd 101 on Facebook (Please click and go like now so you won't miss any of the excitement that is going to be happening, Thanks)   There will also be an author and book of the week!!!

So here is what the schedule should look like for September and October or until I change it up again.....

Sexy SUNDAYS (Self explanatory....Pictures of pure sexiness)

Meet an author MONDAYS (I will be interviewing some of my favorite authors right here on Book Nerd 101.....You don't want to miss this)

Tattoo TUESDAYS (Pictures of book related or just awesome tattoos.....if you have a tattoo you'd like to share with meaning, please feel free to contact me about it)

Watch out WEDNESDAYS (Book Spotlight from Author of the week that may include an extra surprise or two)

Turn it up THURSDAYS (Songs that are just awesome - maybe its a song that I heard that reminds me of a book or a certain character or maybe its just a song I adore at the moment)

Favorite things FRIDAYS (I will just rant about whatever is my favorite anything at that exact moment)

Sum it up SATURDAYS (Recap of the week all in a nutshell)

So let's start off this month with a bang......Welcome to


 Yes, I love Elvis

Well thank you for listening to my rant!!!  I'm hoping for a really great turn out and a lot of new followers.....That way I can start doing giveaways where people will actually enter, lol 

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