Sunday, July 12, 2015

I think I can, I think I can...REVAMP

Now that I am trying to revamp this page, I want to bring back my daily postings and see if I can actually keep up with it this time around.

I'm really excited to be back into reading and I would really like to see this page take off.  My main goal is to help as many indie authors that I can and spread the word about great books. I also want to review as many books as I can and spotlight upcoming and established authors, as well as bloggers, reviewers, beta readers, etc.  I really want this to be a one stop, all reading blog, with a few added surprises here and there.

My main goal for getting back into reading, aside from the fact that I love it, is that I want to instill reading into my daughter's life.  She just recently turned 3 months old and she is the center of my universe.  I really want to show her now, even at such a young age, how important and fun reading can be.  I've started her library from before she was even born and now she has a ton of books.  She loves story time and I want her to really enjoy reading as she continues to grow.  So I figure, what better way to show her how to love reading, than to read myself.  Furthermore, if I'm going to be reading again, I definitely want to start blogging and promoting again!!

I have to say, my 1st year of promoting and blogging was so amazing.  I talked to so many amazing authors, that I now consider my friends.  I also read some amazing books and got hooked on some killer series.  I've really missed that escape from reality.  I also miss finding out the latest releases and keeping up on the up and coming.  So since I am coming up on my 3 year blogiversary
I'd really like to get the ball rolling!!

So now here are some ideas I have for daily postings: 

Sunday - What's the Scoop Sunday (This will be about what books I plan to be reading or the progress I am making and hints about who will be in the spotlight this week) 

Monday - Meet an Author Monday (A posting from the author of the week....It can contain promotional things, giveaways, an interview, bio, etc.  You never know what you will learn about some of your favorite authors or maybe an author you never heard of)

Tuesday - Turn it up Tuesday (This will be a post about music that provokes an emotion from me.  It can be the background music, the sound of the singers voice, instruments, the lyrics, or even the background story.  Some of these songs may remind me of a book or a character, or they just may be my flavor of the week.  Videos and lyrics will be posted if possible and maybe even info about the artist) 

Wednesday - Watch Out Wednesday (Here is where I will post any promotional things for the week.  Maybe a new release that may be coming out, cover reveal, teaser, etc.  Anything that I find exciting to be happening in the upcoming days or weeks)

Thursday - Throwback Thursday (Here I will highlight some of my favorite stories from when I was little or books that I have read in the past that hold a special place in my heart)

Friday - Favorite Things Friday (Here I will post things that are my can be just about anything)

Saturday - Sum it up Saturday (Here is where I will recap all that has happened during the week and where I will leave any reviews that I may have.  I may also have giveaways posted here once I start getting donations and what nots) 

So I really hope this works out this time.  If you or someone you know would like to be spotlighted on this blog, have a book that needs a review, other ideas for daily postings, things you want to see on the blog/Facebook page, or anything else I can help out with book promotions or book related services, please contact me at, comment here, or hit me up on Facebook: Book Nerd 101

Can't wait to get started!!!

Happy Reading Book Nerds

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