Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Turn It Up Tuesday- What I'm listening to

Well this is definitely going to be my favorite day of the week.  I am such a huge music junkie.  I can't go a day without listening to some kind of music.  I am interested in learning what songs inspire others to write or songs that remind the authors about their characters or books.

So, on Tuesdays, I will be posting playlists, videos, song lyrics, etc.  This day is all about music!!  So please sit back and enjoy!!

This week, I am dedicating this post to one of my new favorite artists, Jon Bellion.  Yes, I know, I'm probably late to the game and no, I'm not hopping any bandwagons or saying I've been a fan from the beginning.  My sister played one of his songs for me and I fell in love.  I haven't stopped listening to him since!!  There are so many great songs, but I am just going to post my top 3 favorite ones.

3. Run Wild
The Making of Run Wild by Jon Bellion 

2. Jungle
Jungle by Jon Bellion

If you are interested in learning more about Jon Bellion, click the links below.....


Happy Reading Book Nerds

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