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Sum it up Saturday and What's The Scoop Sunday

Well I'm slacking, but I needed to finish Tasting Never and I didn't get done in time for Saturday's post.  So I decided to combine Sum it up Saturday and What's the Scoop Sunday into one post!!

First for Sum it up Saturday, I am here to review Tasting Never by C.M. Stunich.  OMG.....This book was out of this world  

Synopsis from Goodreads

"Never Ross wants to be loved.
It's that simple, but it's not that easy."

Never is a girl with a broken soul who doesn't date nice guys and can't seem to go to bed at night without crying herself to sleep. She doesn't need any complications in her life, especially not when they're attached to a man that could be her emotional twin.

Ty McCabe can't stand Never the first time he meets her. He's aware that the feeling's mutual and the two don't think they'll ever see each other again, but when fate takes a hand and puts them both in the wrong place at the wrong time, Ty and Never form a tentative friendship that opens the door on their dark sides and shows them what it's like to live in the light.

"Sometimes, the only way to go forward, is to take a few, careful steps back."

My Review
What an amazing read!!  I really couldn't put it down.  I started reading this book when C.M. Stunich had a group read for the Never Series.  I figured I would give it a shot and I'm so glad that I did.  It was the first book that I picked up in almost 2 years that I was able to read cover to cover and get really excited about.  There is action right from the start of the book and that is what really draws the reader in.  I really enjoyed that the chapters were short enough to describe the situation and not long and drawn out with too many details.  She leaves the reader in suspense throughout the story, which I really loved. I liked that each situation tied into another.  The characters had really great chemistry.  Ty is just pure perfection, am I right ladies!!  He has that tough outward appearance, but a shattered past that builds to his caring and understanding personality.  He goes perfectly with Never.  She has that "the weight of the world is on my shoulders and no one can ever help me" persona.  Ty helps release her pressure to help her get back her purpose for living.  I really like the way they fit together and how they play off of each others emotional beginnings.  I can't wait to see what is in store for both Never and Ty, as well as the rest of the crew as this series continues.  C.M. Stunich has such a way with words and I am so glad that I found this series.  She makes me enjoy reading again and I am forever grateful for that!! 

Ty McCabe
"When you're alone, there's nobody there to hurt you or let you down. It feels too good to have that guarantee of solitude."
Stunich, C.M. (2013-12-14). Tasting Never: A New Adult Romance (Never say Never Book 1) (p. 4). Sarian Royal. Kindle Edition. 

Never Ross
"If you live your whole life in the darkness, then you don't have any trouble recognizing the light."
Stunich, C.M. (2013-12-14). Tasting Never: A New Adult Romance (Never say Never Book 1) (p. 6). Sarian Royal. Kindle Edition. 

What's The Scoop Sunday

And now for what is coming up this week....I will be starting my author spotlight and I am so excited for you to meet our Book Nerd 101 author of the week!!  Check back tomorrow and see we were will be talking with this week!!!

Happy Reading Book Nerds

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