Monday, July 20, 2015

Meet The Author Monday - Jamie Loeak

So for my first installment of Meet The Author, I would like to introduce Jamie Loeak.  I am really excited to start these weekly author spotlights.  Make sure to check in everyday to learn more about Jamie and we even have a cover reveal coming up!!

Now let's meet Jamie.....

Jamie Loeak

Hi there! I’m Jamie Loeak, YA author of the Chronicles of Light and Darkness, The Outsiders Series, the Atlantis Novella Series, and The Star Caster: a novella. Wow! That sounds like a lot for a girl that spent most of high school and college starting – and never finishing! – things. It all started with songs and poetry but the never-finishing part soon transferred to books.

It wasn’t until I started writing Body and Soul, the first book in the Chronicles of Light and Darkness, and my debut book, that I actually finished something. I blame/thank my parents for leaving me to dog sit on their vacation – they left me with a Jeep but I can’t drive stick, so I was literally stranded! However, I managed to finish a book I had been dreaming of for quite a while. So, in all reality, they are the reason that I even began writing.

Other than the story of my beginning, I’ll tell you a few things about myself. I was a special education teacher and now work in compliance (making sure that all aspects of a special education child’s education is legal). My hobbies include: writing – duh! – playing guitar, reading Jane Austen, browsing bookstores, trying to cook and bake, and photography. At night, when I’m falling asleep, I tend to come up with plans for world domination – and not my world domination, but a world where all people are good and do the right thing… I swear, it’ll all happen one day!!!

Five Fun Facts:
 I’m obsessed with my cat, Charlie
  I’m practically paleo, but not all the way!  (you can see recipes on my blog)
     I live in sunny Florida.
  I’m a neat freak and clean at least every other day.
  My sister is on the cover of The Star Caster and I took the photo!

If you’d like to know more about me:  
Facebook: Author Page
Twitter: @authorjamiee
Instagram: @authorjamieloeak

Amazon: Author Page

Happy Reading Book Nerds

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